Artist Sergei Babkin: poster of concerts 2022

Билеты Большой Весенний Концерт
28 february 19:00 thursday
Большой Весенний Концерт
Event ended
Билеты Main Music Ceremony "YUNA Award
22 march 19:00 friday
Main Music Ceremony "YUNA Award
Event ended
Билеты Сергей Бабкин.Квартирник
14 march 19:00 thursday
Сергей Бабкин.Квартирник
Event ended
Билеты Сергей Бабкин. Музасфера
16 february 19:00 saturday
Сергей Бабкин. Музасфера
Event ended
Билеты Мужики не танцуют стриптиз
06 march 19:00 wednesday
Мужики не танцуют стриптиз
Event ended
Билеты Сергей Бабкин
27 october 19:00 sunday
Сергей Бабкин
Event ended
Билеты Карнавальна Феєрія
12 december 18:00 thursday
Карнавальна Феєрія
Event ended
Билеты Sergey Babkin. Tenant
06 august 19:00 thursday
Sergey Babkin. Tenant
Event ended

Sergei Babkin


Ukrainian musician, actor, author and performer of his own songs. Member of the "5'nizza" group. Trainer of the show "Voice of the Country" (2017, 2018). Participant of the 5th season of the show "Dancing with the Stars" (together with his wife Snezhana Babkina).
Music performer Serhiy Babkin whose songs have already become quite recognizable - Ukrainian musician, actor, author and performer of his own songs, member of the group "5'nizza".
Singer Sergei Babkin whose photographs have flooded the Internet for some time was born in Kharkov in the family of a military man and a kindergarten teacher. From the age of six I went, or rather my mother drove, and sometimes dragged me to ballroom dancing, to a school of fine arts, figure skating and to a children's music school in the flute class. In parallel, he was fond of theater. In high school, he took an active part in school amateur performances, KVN, went to a theater group. At the age of 12, he first picked up a guitar.
Almost always at his concerts, Sergei Babkin performs barefoot, often puts on the face of a "smiling man". The ex-member of the 5'nizza group began his solo career in 2004, when his first album, Hurray!, Was released, followed by Bis, Son, Motor, and many others.
As the artist himself says, he “first of all, above all, in spite of everything, is an actor, ” but not a musician, and certainly not a singer. During the performance of his songs, he wants to show the audience a mini-performance in which the words are the text of the character.
For 12 years, Sergei Babkin played in the cult Kharkov "Theater 19". Now, together with his wife Snezhana, he is an actor of the Kharkov Theater "Beautiful Flowers". The theater is famous for its unique wordless genre, using only the plasticity of the body and the flight of thought.
Sergei Babkin is known to a wide audience as a theatrical actor who took part in the performances "Emigrants", "Lyuboff", "I Glorify Julia!", "Our Hamlet".
In 2011, Sergei Babkin began cooperation with the leader of the Okean Elzy group, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. The Ukrainian singer invited him to participate in the new project "Brussels" together with Dmitry Shurov, Maxim Malyshev, Peter Chernyavsky.
Sergei does not consider himself a music lover, but listens only to those compositions that come to him in some amazing way. He says: “I listen to music that comes to me from somewhere. I heard something from my friends, who played and said: "You need to listen to it." Or in some other way I learn about new compositions for me. " As it turned out, all the musicians came to Sergey Babkin's life for a reason, but by chance. “There are, of course, constant performers in my life, whom I have been listening to since my youth. They are Radiohead, Splin, Tequila Jazz, Tom Waits, Sting, Back, Fing, Charlie Screws. "
From his first marriage, the singer brings up his son Ilya. In 2009 he married Snezhana Vartanyan for the second time, who gave birth to his daughter Veselina.
In 2017, Sergei Babkin took part in the popular TV show "Dancing with the Stars" on 1 + 1. For all admirers of Sergey Babkin's creativity, it is easy to download the most beloved compositions from the singer's official website